It’s very true that the kitchen is the heart of any home, and it is one the rooms most focused on by buyers who step inside a property for sale. Investing a bit of time and money into planning your kitchen can result in a better kitchen experience for you, and a higher sale price for your home when it comes time to sell.

Consider the following tips so you can have the best kitchen in your home, with the biggest return if you plan to sell!

Ample Storage

One extremely desirable characteristic of a kitchen is lots and lots of storage! To maximise your storage potential, consider taking the cupboards from floor to ceiling.

You can never have too much storage space, so ensure you have your kitchen packed with ample cupboard space within easy reach.

Consider an Island

An island bench in your kitchen area is a massive plus. The addition of an island will make your space feel larger, with the added benefit of providing another work surface, and more storage! Introducing an island bench to your kitchen design will also aid in creating an open living plan, providing connectivity to dining and living spaces.

Update Benchtops

The first thing you will see everyday when you walk into your kitchen is the benchtop. Consider investing in the very best quality benchtop that you can afford. If you have a limited budget, opt for hard-wearing laminate. We personally love the look of laminate; it can be made to mimic many expensive materials, such as marble.

If you want to spend a bit more, look at granite or quartz. When selecting your benchtop, choose a colour and style that won’t date, and make sure it is stain, heat, and water resistant, as well as easily cleaned.

Colour Palette

To ensure your kitchen won’t date in years to come, it might be of service to select a more neutral colour palette for your finishes. Colours that are unlikely to date include the white, grey, and brown colour families.

If you seek a little colour, add it in your accessories, or fix an eye-catching pendant above your island bench. Objects such as bar stools, kettles, and ceramics are easy change as your tastes do!

Smart Appliances

Chic and high quality appliances will serve you for many years to come, and add value to your kitchen space. Appliances with great energy ratings and high functionality will assist in elevating the practicality, as well as the overall look of your kitchen. You may also like to buy your appliances from the same brand and range to create a coordinated aesthetic.

Feel-Good Lighting

Filling your kitchen strategically with lighting can add detail and finesse to your kitchen! Think about LED lights in your cupboards, a small investment that you will really appreciate. Good lighting will make it easier to work in the kitchen, but a smart lighting scheme will be able to be altered for entertaining.

Installing downlights and pendants on different circuits will enable you to control your atmosphere between cooking and entertaining. Good lighting can make an area more inviting, especially in a open-plan space.

George Giannakakis



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